Have you ever played The Simpsons: Tapped Out? Imagine that concept, but with Family Guy in place of The Simpsons. If that interests you, the new Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game is a thing you should download and play.


The premise of the game is that Peter has once again gotten into a fight with the chicken. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that bit is still funny. At any rate, Quahog is destroyed in the process, and it's up to you to rebuild it. You'll go through town fixing stuff up and solving everyone's problems to earn money and experience.

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The game contains animations and jokes developed by the Family Guy writers, as well as in-app purchases developed by heartless executives who want your money. Clams are the premium currency in Family Guy The Quest for Stuff, and you can buy bundles of them for $1.99-99.99. Hey, no one's twisting your arm.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Family Guy The Quest for Stuff