The Lyft community consists of people in need of rides and people ready to provide them, with all of this interaction going through a mobile app. Okay, not all of it. Before now, users have not been able to enter their desired destinations while requesting a ride, but the latest update addresses this by tucking the functionality in. This lets users tell the driver where they want to go before they arrive, getting the ride started faster and saving everyone time. And, as is especially true in this industry, time is money.

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Version 1.4.3 also introduces a detailed breakdown of remaining credit balances, which is nifty. These features come in time for the service to expand into the cities of Cincinnati, Detroit, Tampa, and Tucson.

What's new:

We’re thrilled to be rolling out an exciting feature you’ve been asking for. You can now enter your destination! Once you request a ride you'll have the option to enter your destination. Why is this awesome? Because your ride starts faster, and that saves you time. Boom. New in this version (v1.4.3):

  • Add your destination while you wait for your ride
  • Detailed breakdown of your Lyft Credit balance
  • Now available in Cincinnati, OH, Detroit, MI, Tampa, FL, and Tucson, AZ!

There you have it. Hop in.