Time keeps marching forward, and Google keeps improving the mobile version of its Chrome browser. Those who want to see the new goodies before everyone else can check out the official Chrome for Android Beta, which updates to version 35 today. The official changelog mentions some interesting additions, including at least one that was there already: support for Chromecast on HTML5 videos.

Screenshot_2014-04-10-16-27-07 Screenshot_2014-04-10-16-27-49


Videos on your device have gotten better too, with better HTML5 controls and subtitle support (for those clips that include them). Users of recent Samsung phones and tablets will be happy to know that Sammy's unique multi-window mode is now supported by Chrome Beta, which will probably do away with the need for various root tools. Finally, there's a handy new way to un-close a tab (just like Ctrl-Shift-T on Windows). All you have to do is press the "Undo" button on the toast notification, as seen in the video below.

Google notes that there may be issues with Chromecasting from the mobile YouTube site, and with fullscreen controls for HTML5. So, half the features mentioned in the changelog. That's what you get for a beta. You can download the beta version of Chrome from the Play Store - if you've already got it installed, remember that Google's first-party apps tend to take a while to propagate.

Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta
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