SoundCloud has made the jump to version 2.8, bringing along a few new enhancements in the process. Many of them are visual, though the changes are small. Tabs are white now. The explore section introduced in version 2.7 has had the position of artist names and song titles moved around, as have the search results. Speaking of searching, the app has new support for hashtags and recommends a page filled with them when clicking on the search icon.

SoundCloud3 SoundCloud1 SoundCloud2

In addition to these niceties, SoundCloud now supports pulling down to refresh the page. Go ahead, give it a tug.

SoundCloud6 SoundCloud7

As always, the goods are available in the widget below.

What's new:

  • Playlist Search: discover popular playlists using hashtags in your searches
  • Improved search results and Explore design
  • Enhanced visual layout for playlists
  • Swipe to refresh