It's time to bust stuff up in a cross-platform manner. Aerena - Clash of Champions has arrived in the Play Store after debuting on Steam (coming to iOS later). This is a turn-based combat game that promises quick, high-energy matches with squads of cool heroes squaring off. It's free-to-play, but the model doesn't sound bad. Note: it's tablet-only.

Being a turn-based game, Aerena is a tactical experience. Each hero has its own unique skills and abilities, so your strategy must change based on what you're working with. The game includes a rotating roster of units and heroes to deploy, but you can also purchase (with cash money) your favorites to keep in the roster permanently.

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The developers promise new content will be added frequently, and you are able to earn in-game currency from completing challenges. It'll take a little grinding, but it sounds like a reasonable proposition in this age of freemium games. The graphics look sweet too, so it's at least worth checking out.

The app was not found in the store. :-(