Not content to unveil one new Android app today, Dropbox's bringing along another. However, this one isn't a port, and it's launching for Android and iOS on the same day. The software in question goes by the name of Carousel, a gallery app that organizes all your Dropbox photos and videos in a way that's more manageable than the endless list of photos provided within the current app.

Carousel1 Carousel3 Carousel2

Dropbox intends for Carousel to be a social experience, so it's built the private conversations into the app. The idea is for family members and their friends to relive memorable events, having the ability to group not only your photos, but the ones others have shared with you.

Carousel4 Carousel5

The app is free to use, aside from the cost of your Dropbox plan. You know where to find it.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


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