You might be able to get around a bit cheaper this spring thanks to an announcement from Lyft. The 24/7 transport service is going to reduce its commission for the next few months to lower prices in all of its several dozen US markets.


Lyft is a lot like Uber, but not quite as well-known. People sign up to be drivers using their own vehicles, and you request a ride via the app. The driver gets a cut of the total fare, but so does Lyft. By dropping its share, Lyft is going to lower prices roughly 20% across the board. It will vary from one city to the next, so check the site for actual costs.

This starts today and continues for at least a few months. The company says this is just a trial – it could revert to the old fee structure after the test run. If it works out, this might be a good way for Lyft to get more exposure.

Developer: Lyft, Inc.
Price: Free

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