I don't know about you, but I always carry hammers in my pockets. So, clearly it's important I know how a smartphone will stand up to a hammer. Enter TechRax, who took it upon himself to do a hammer test on the Galaxy S5. The lesson we can all learn from this: don't hit high-density lithium-ion batteries with hammers. Just watch the very end... trust me.

Ignoring for a moment that this is a completely unnecessary test, batteries are seriously dangerous when damaged. Lithium-ion cells aren't used in mobile devices because they are the safest technology we have, they're the most efficient. These batteries contain a pressurized flammable electrolyte which you do not want to breathe or release explosively... you know, by hitting the battery with a hammer or something. This could have been much worse than it was.


Image via Tumblr

So just remember: batteries contain a lot of energy, and you should not come at them with a hammer. Ever. Feel free to chuckle at this guy, though. He seems to have survived.