Philips hue lights are already pretty cool. People can control these bulbs, which come in various colors and sizes, using a phone or tablet. That alone makes the product convenient and great for showing off. But at the end of the day, merely turning lights on and off with a mobile device and changing their colors ranks a 4, maybe 5, on the my-friend-is-a-wizard scale. To really impress people, give the Huey Android app a download, then sit guests down in front of a TV and blow their minds.

This handy piece of software links Philips hue lights up with the action taking place on-screen. The app works by linking up with the bridge that controls Philips hue lights, prompting users to select a region of the screen that supplies the colors, then monitoring this area and changing the paired lights to match. If the lights are set up behind your television screen, the wall behind your display will glow to complement the colors being shown, adding in an extra dramatic effect.

Huey4 Huey3


This functionality effectively replicates what Philips introduced with its Ambilight+hue line of TVs, which are pricey, require replacing your current setup, and aren't yet available in all that many places. Other companies have introduced products that are similarly restrictive. Huey's ready to do it for free.

Of course, you have to invest in a set of Philips hue lights for any of this to work. Links for everything are available below.

Huey - Ambient Light Effects
Huey - Ambient Light Effects

Philips hue lights on Amazon

Thanks, Alex Rocha.