Dropbox is probably the king of cloud storage. Well, if not the king, at least a high-ranking duke or something. So a great many people will be happy to hear the app is getting an update today to version 2.4, bringing with it a few design tweaks, as well as an interesting feature for linking new computers.

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Here's the changelog per Dropbox, plus what we've noticed in italics.

  • Resolves issue preventing 3rd party app authentication
  • Set up Dropbox on your computer using your phone's camera
  • New icon
  • New file/folder icons in app

The computer linking is an interesting process. In the app settings, you can choose to link a new computer using the phone's camera. You'll go to a special Dropbox connect URL on the PC and scan a neat Dropbox logo made out of QR codes with the phone's camera. A pre-authorized installer is then pushed to your computer – no additional signing in necessary. This is the same version of the installer you can get by going to the Dropbox forums and getting the early release build (2.7.49).


4 3 2014-04-07 21.22.42

As for the UI stuff, there's a new icon that actually looks like the old icon without a border around it. The icons in the app have also been changed a bit – they're lighter and flatter now.

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Price: Free+