Like it or not, TV-based operating systems aren't going away. Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, and others have all done their part to beef up your TV's IQ, and while each has found varying levels of success, none has quite gotten the situation right. One immediate problem with most options is the tool you're provided with out-of-the-box for controlling things. Typing in movie titles with anything that looks like a traditional remote is nothing short of a complete pain. One thing that can save you precious time is investing in a remote with a full keyboard.

You can currently get a TaoTronics offering on Amazon for just $19.99 following the use of coupon code 9EP9XSOT at checkout. This drops the product's price down from its usual $27.99.

Keyboard1 Keyboard2

This wireless keyboard is compatible with Android and Smart TVs, along with Windows and Linux. Note, this isn't a Bluetooth keyboard, so it only works with devices that can handle its USB dongle. The device also has mouse buttons and can replicate a mouse using Wii remote-style movement.

Amazon also happens to have an upgraded model available for just $10 more.


Which one to get is up to you, but without the coupon code, the decision is somewhat of a no brainer. Though, if you're going for the newer model, consider hitting up eBay instead. It's available there for just $23.99.


TaoTronics TT-MK001 on Amazon

TaoTronics TT-MK005 on eBay

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