Tasker is the Swiss Army knife of Android power user apps. In fact, that comparison hardly does Tasker justice: it's like the software offspring of a Swiss Army knife and a Tricorder, with an optional Sonic Screwdriver attachment. The much-loved automation and scripting engine got a huge update today to version 4.3, with a list of new features, bugfixes, and small changes that's far too long for us to cover in total.

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Here are some of the highlights:

  • state Humidity (where supported by hardware, untested)
  • action Say: parameter Use Network: improves speech synthesis with some engines (API 15+)
  • action Alert / Beep
  • action Alert / Morse
  • action List Files: added Use Root parameter (requires rooted device to use)
  • permission RECEIVE_SMS for new Android 4.4+ SMS support
  • action Scan Card: specifying a directory will recursively scan it
  • state Wifi Near: support for 'Scan always available' (Android wifi setting)
  • action Phone / Set SMS App (change default, Android 4.4+)
  • Run Log: log monitor and exe service start/restart/stop
  • action Set Tasker Pref: humidity sensor entry
  • app creation: kid app launch data is available in %intent_data in the launch task
  • App Context: App button
  • state: Ethernet Connected
  • action Load Image: parameter Max Width Or Height
  • action Set Timer (system timer) (KitKat+))
  • action MIDI Play, userguide section on MIDI
  • action edit: search menu option
  • state Variable Value: multi conditions
  • multiple If conditions in actions
  • search: search names of installed plugins and show as features
  • Prefs / Misc: Reduce Memory Usage option
  • Prefs / Monitor / Use New Cell API

There's nothing earth-shattering in there, though I dare say that dedicated Tasker users could find lots of interesting uses for an alert played out in Morse code. The state Humidity addition recognizes that more and more high-end phones are coming equipped with a humidity sensor. Also note several additions made to better support KitKat's SMS implementation and timer function, and the Run Log action should be useful for developers and general tinkerers.

Developer Crafty Apps has also added support for event plugins, which you can read about here, and more timeout options for plugins. Event plugins listen for actions instead of conditions, opening up opportunities like the SMS triggers seen above. On top of all this there are a huge number of bugfixes. You can check out the unexpurgated update notes on the official Tasker website, because they're too long for the Play Store.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49