If you want a Chromecast, you probably already have one - that's kind of the point of pricing something in the range of an impulse purchase. The early supply issues have been worked out, new and updated apps with Chromecast support are practically flooding into the Play Store, and Google's tiny streamer has even made its way to Europe. But if you're an American who refuses to pay retail, you'll be glad to know that the Chromecast is once again on sale for $29.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy.


That's five bucks off the suggested retail price, or to make it sound better, a 20% discount. This isn't the first time that these retailers have given the Chromecast this discount, but it is the first time in a while, so have at it. Standard shipping is free at Best Buy, and you can get free 2-day shipping from Amazon so long as you're a Prime subscriber. Of course, Amazon might look at you funny and suggest you buy the FireTV instead, but the FireTV doesn't cost thirty bucks, does it?

Source: Amazon, Best Buy