Chromecast support is becoming something of a fashion item: all the cool kids (or at least the cool media-focused Android apps) have it. The latest app to add support for Google's tiny streamer is Flixster, known for its up to date selection of movie trailers and tight integration with sister service Rotten Tomatoes. Notably, Flixster also supports the UltraViolet system, giving users an alternative to VUDU for their digital copy collection.

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On that note, owners of Samsung tablets can now download movie files to a MicroSD card instead of device storage, which should be handy, since Sammy hardware tends to be a bit lean in that regard. Unfortunately there are some restrictions: according to the 5.9 update log, only tablets are supported, and devices running Android 4.4 are not. That probably has something to do with the new MicroSD card restrictions in KitKat. But why only tablets, and why only Samsung tablets? Here's hoping the capability expands in a future update.

The only other recent change is faster page loading and the nebulous "bug fixes." Flixster might be a better pick for UltraViolet collectors thanks to tighter integration with both Google+ and Netflix, and if that's why you want to use it, the trailers are just gravy. If trailers are the main attraction, I'd rather just use YouTube for my Chromecast streaming and keep one more app out of my tray.

What's New


✓ Download movies to SD card if you are using a Samsung tablet (running Android OS 4.3 or below).

✓ Improved movie list and movie page loading

✓ Bug fixes