So you want the new Samsung flagship, and you want it at a discount. You're also not part of a family plan (so the admittedly nice Buy One, Get One deal isn't for you) and you're deathly afraid of papercuts, so the current mail-in rebate promotion from Verizon is out. Don't worry, picky penny-pincher: Amazon is here to save the day with a $99.99 Samsung Galaxy S5, no conditions or hoops required.


Well, that's not completely true. $99.99 is the on-contract price, of course, and you'll have to be a new Verizon customer to take advantage of it. (You can also add a line to a family plan.) If you're a current Verizon user with an upgrade to burn, Amazon wants $149.99, which is still cheaper than you could get the phone without resorting to multiple lines. Want one without any contractual strings attached? Good for you, savvy consumer - that'll be seven hundred greenbacks.

The discount applies to both the black and white versions of Samsung's dimpled darling, which appear to be the only colors that Verizon is offering at the moment. Also note that since the Galaxy S5 doesn't officially launch until April 11th, this is technically a pre-order, though you can get your phone even faster if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber. Since we're talking about flagship phones on Verizon, don't forget that you can currently get the carrier version of the One M8 for $139.99, whether you're a new or returning customer.

Source: Amazon - Verizon Galaxy S5 White, Verizon Galaxy S5 Black