Regular slate tablets are not for you. No sir/ma'am, you demand flexibility and utility from your electronics. Lenovo's Yoga line might be more accommodating for your needs, since it uses a unique chassis that combines a kickstand, an ergonomic handle, a massive battery pack, and a pair of stereo speakers into one bulbous side of the device. Today's Best Buy deal of the day is the 8-inch Yoga Tablet, on sale for $70 off.

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That still makes the Yoga Tablet 8 $179.99, which is a bit of a tough sell for a device with a 1.2Ghz Mediatek processor, 1GB of RAM, and a pedestrian 1280x800 screen, putting it at about the same technical level as the original Nexus 7. Yes, you get a 5MP camera and MicroSD card slot and the aforesaid unique physical design, but those lackluster specs are going to start weighing it down when a bunch of applications are thrown in. It doesn't help that the tablet is still running Android 4.2.

Still, if you want a tablet that will literally stand up to the competition, the Yoga Tablet 8 looks like a decent choice. This is the most generous discount we've seen on this model so far, beating out Best Buy's previous one-day deal late last year by ten bucks. The retailer is offering free shipping, or you can opt for in-store pickup. Again, this is a "daily deal," so get moving if you want to take advantage of it.

Source: Best Buy