Most apps, excluding the free ones, cost you money. Few work to save you money. As it turns out, Automatic is that type of app. This little piece of software serves as a driving assistant that's less concerned about where you're going and more focused on how you get there. It keeps track of how you drive, alerting if you're accelerating (or braking) too hard, speeding, or engaging in other shenanigans that come back to bite you at the pump. It tracks these things, then provides a score, with higher scoring drivers ultimately saving the most money.

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Automatic helps decipher the "check engine" light that tends to pop up without any explanation, arming you with more information when the time comes to deal with a mechanic. The app also tracks your car's location, allowing you to pull it up on a map and reduce the amount of aimless wandering performed in parking lots.


This functionality all depends on a separate dongle, the Automatic Link, that plugs into your car's data port. It goes for $99.95, which isn't exactly a small investment. But depending on your vehicle, that's only two or three tanks of gas. If the product gets the results it claims, and you don't get so annoyed by it that you sling the Link out the window, it wouldn't take too long to recoup that cost.

Automatic isn't the first app of its type for Android, but there's something to be said for its simplistic interface and ease-of-use. How much there is to be said is up to you. Links to the app and the website are available below.

Automatic Classic
Automatic Classic
Price: Free