Google Keep recently got a pretty big update that includes searchable images, list settings, and lengthened storage time of deleted notes (also, more yellow). Those were essentially the advertised features that came in this update, but one redditor found another cool feature: conflicting edits.

Basically, if you are editing a note on two devices at the same time (or happen to leave it open on one), and save them at different times, Keep will now alert that there's a conflict. For example:

Screenshot_2014-04-04-09-46-58 Screenshot_2014-04-04-09-47-06

The first edit was created on my desktop, which I then opened on my smartphone before saving. I edited it on my smartphone, and upon attempting to save it, was alerted that there were conflicting edits found. As you can see, there are options to either keep both or select one and sync it across all devices. It's a simple change, but one that will ensure Keep always has the latest and most accurate information... and no longer overwrites notes that are edited on multiple devices.