CCleaner has knocked the filth and grime out of many a Windows machine, along with a few Mac ones, over the years. Now the program's coming to Android. A stable release isn't yet out, but developer Piriform has introduced a beta and is calling on eager testers to help it work out the kinks. How? By joining the company's new Google+ beta testing community. Afterwards, you should be able to download the app from the Play Store.


Newer Android devices do a good job of running smoothly on their own, but that doesn't mean cruft doesn't build up around the edges over time. App caches grown exorbitantly large, uninstalled software leaves crud behind, and browsers consume space after months of mobile searches. You don't need a dedicated app to clear out any of these things, but having a one-stop spot can still be convenient. Here's the feature set Piriform's aiming for.

The feature set is already extensive and full of essential tools to keep your devices running like new:

  • Optimize - Browser History, Application Cache, Clipboard and more
  • Clean - Call Logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact
  • Reclaim storage space by quickly removing unwanted applications
  • Monitor your CPU, RAM, storage space and battery levels

And that's just the beginning, we're also working on:

  • Process management and RAM cleaning
  • Custom folder cleaning
  • Features for rooted devices
  • And much, much more!

Interested? Here are the instructions for anyone who isn't already familiar with the routine.

What to do:

1. Join the CCleaner for Android community
2. Go to the Google Play link:
4. Once you're a tester, click "Download CCleaner from the Play Store"

CCleaner beta testing Google+ community

Source: Piriform

Thanks, Daryn St. Pierre.