Unsurprisingly, now that Cyanogen Inc. is a very serious business, having a logo utilizing a derivative of Google's bugdroid that looks like it'd be at home on the bottom of a skateboard probably isn't going to win a lot of businessy customers. So, Cyanogen Inc. announced today that the company would be rebranded with a new logo and wordmark design, which you can see below. It's... shapey.


Like all good corporate logos, this random geometric shape is, of course, not at all a random geometric shape. It has totally non-arbitrarily-assigned meaning. Really!



I have to say, the new logo actually does look pretty sweet. I'd definitely take that stamped on the back of my phone, or on my boot screen, over Cid's mug. Speaking of Cid, what's happening to him? Well, Cyanogen Inc. is shedding any official use of him, and giving him to "the community" (eg., nice and far away from Cyanogen Inc. itself). He wasn't exactly universally loved, so I'm guessing there won't be many tears shed in his name.

To read more about the new branding, check out the official blog post, linked below.