Amazon's big Fire TV announcement yesterday left us a bit perturbed that there's still no way to get Amazon Instant Video on standard Android devices, but the retailer is continuing to support the more conventional side of its business. Take the Amazon For Tablets app for example: the latest update adds some handy features, most notably support for the Amazon Fresh grocery service. But since Amazon Fresh is still only active in parts of California and Seattle, that won't effect a large percentage of users.

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All users have access to a more immediate feature: a tap-and-drag gesture that pins items to the bottom of your screen for easy switching and comparison. Search for an item, then tap and hold its photo for a second while you're still in the search view, then swipe down. The item you selected will be pinned to a tray at the bottom of the screen, which can fit a handful of items at once. It's a great way to quickly switch between items that you're interested in, sort of like browser tabs. When you're done with an item, you can tap and drag it up to dismiss it, or tap the trash can icon to clear all of them at once. The icon on the right closes the floating view for users who don't want to see it. Neat.

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The integrated search also gets a new pop-up filter menu, which allows users to quickly switch between departments or filter out items without free shipping, and quick access to the standard list view and grid view have been added. Finally, you can turn ad personalization (the little sections of the app that show you items based on your search and purchase history) on or off in the settings menu. Here's hoping some of these additions make it to the phone app as well.

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