The Anomaly series has some of the most polished, high-quality games on any mobile platform, and the next entry looks like no exception. While Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, and Anomaly 2 were all "tower offense" games (where you control a convoy of tanks and other vehicles being attacked by turrets), Anomaly Defenders goes for the more conventional tower-based approach.

But there's still a twist: this time you're playing for the alien side, fighting back against fascist human invaders. The initial trailer injects a little humor into the situation with a 40s-style newsreel, instructing members of The Hive in basic tower defense to kill "the organic maggots." Gameplay looks pretty typical for a tower defense game, with plenty of towers and upgrades. Anomaly Defenders has 11 Bit's typical state-of-the-art visuals (note: it's coming out for iOS and PC as well, so the final Android game might not look quite this pretty). It will be interesting to see if the multiplayer elements from Anomaly 2 can be retained with this shift in perspective and gameplay.

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We only wish the trailer included a date. It doesn't. Presumably "coming soon" means sometime this year, so we'll wait for Anomaly Defense with constricted atmosphere recycling units bated breath.

Source: 11 Bit Studios