Gary Busey has carefully crafted a reputation as a lunatic. True, a good part of that might just be his Hollywood persona, but you've got to admit it's entertaining. Someone at Amazon agrees, because they enlisted Mr. Busey's services for one of the first promotions of the new Android-powered FireTV set-top box. In this one-minute spot, Gary Busey talks to a lamp.

Amazon takes the initiative here, using a crazy shouting man to illustrate the fact that the competing Roku set-top boxes don't have voice control. (Unless you use the Android app, which they kind of glossed over. The Moto X would blow Gary's mind.) And I don't think that many people would be able to find cop movies by speaking their own name into FireTV's search.

Still, Amazon has given us a commercial with Gary Busey greeting his own pants. Well done. HTC, you guys should probably take a few notes on celebrity endorsements here.

Source: YouTube