Google is really heavy on the joke content this year. There's the Photobombing, Pokémon Maps, Signature Apps, and now Chromecast for Squirrels. What? Small mammals have video they want to watch on bigger screens too.

The video really drives the point home that Chromecast is all about squirrel empowerment and choice. No longer will squirrels have to watch human video content, because now there's Chromecast. As for the paw-friendly app situation, Google is working on that. Humans can still use the Chromecast, but squirrels are authorized to #gonuts. A word of warning: according to Google's updated fine print, the Chromecast may contain nuts. Squirrels not included.

While the video was released for April Fools, I feel like it almost works as a real ad. Considerably more ridiculous things have been passed off as the real deal.

[+Google Chrome]