Google does its part to celebrate the major US holidays, not to mention quite a few others, but April Fools' Day appears to be its favorite. The company goes all out every year, and it's already looking like 2014 may just be its very best effort yet. In addition to scattering Pokemon all over Maps, Google is now dispersing emoji all throughout Chrome.

The feature is optional, but once enabled, Chrome will replace certain words with emoji. Take, for example, the phrase "Google Play Gift Cards." Instead of just showing the text, Chrome will display the word "Google," a picture of a game controller for "Play," a present for "Gift," and a credit card for "Card." Once the initial shock and confusion wears off, it's kind of cute.

Screenshot_2014-04-01-12-16-05 Screenshot_2014-04-01-12-16-15 Screenshot_2014-04-01-12-16-50

To get the feature to work (for those of us still trucking along in March 31st), just change your date to April 1st and open up the browser. Then proceed to understand each new post on a whole new level.

Thanks, Byung-Hoon Cho.