OK, Music Boss, admit it: you tried pretty hard to get our attention with the update. I mean, Pebble smartwatches, streaming movies, and Chromecast all in the same story? How could we resist?


Music Boss is a robust way to control playback of various media apps via your Pebble or Pebble Steel smartwatch, and it was also one of the very first additions to the official Pebble app store. The tool is light-years ahead of the basic music player built into the Pebble, allowing users to launch and switch Android music apps, adjust volume, and integrate with more esoteric apps like Tasker. But the latest update adds something even cooler: you can now control the playback and volume of your Chromecast content right from your Pebble.

Screenshot_2014-03-30-09-55-32 Screenshot_2014-03-30-09-57-21 Screenshot_2014-03-30-10-10-28

It works like this: say you're watching a Netflix video on your phone, then zip it on over to your TV via Chromecast. Then, switch to the Music Boss Android app and connect it to the same Chromecast. Now you can adjust the volume of the playing content with the Music Boss app on your Pebble, and even pause and resume playback on apps that support standard media buttons. 

Screenshot_2014-03-30-09-52-13 Screenshot_2014-03-30-09-57-04

Combining three pieces of hardware and three separate apps to turn the volume up is a little insane, considering that TV remotes have been around for almost sixty years. But we can't deny that it's also really cool. Music Boss costs $1.99, and you'll need a Pebble to use it.