HTC has apparently dived head-first into a decentralized software support model. Translation: they're throwing everything they possibly can onto the Play Store, presumably so they don't have to wait for a full carrier update to tweak or improve their various Sense apps. The latest one to land in the Play Store is HTC Dot View, the support app for the interesting Dot View case, a cover that puts a perforated design to use.

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If you throw the new Dot View case on the new HTC One (M8), you can get pertinent info delivered right through the hundreds of holes in the cover without ever flipping it open. HTC is making use of a Lite-Brite-style design to achieve much the same effect as the windowed cases for Samsung or LG phones, and thanks to the One M8's gesture control support, you can also get some Moto X-style notifications and alerts. Tap the default screen to cycle between the weather and battery, or slide up or down to accept a call or cancel and alarm without even opening the case.

Pretty cool, right? Now all you have to do is find one. HTC isn't even selling the Dot View case on their own website yet, and we haven't seen it pop up at any online retailers. Those of you who have already bought a new HTC One M8 in the US might want to check out your local Verizon store (whether or not you're a Verizon customer), since Big Red got the exclusive retail launch and may have some accessories lying around. When and if you manage to find one, at least you won't be wanting for up-to-date features.

HTC Dot View
HTC Dot View
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free