The Rufus Cuff isn't some dinky little bracelet with a tiny processor and a fuzzy LCD watch face, claiming that it's somehow "smart." This Android-powered accessory has higher ambitions. The mere act of strapping it on will take wearers one step closer to becoming a Power Ranger or the pilot of their own Enterprise class starship. Owning one won't make you cool, it will make you powerful.


This cuff still pairs up with your Android device like those other smartwatches out there, but it comes with an LCD screen large enough to handle plenty of tasks on its own. Want a full-size keyboard? You got it, only you won't need it thanks to those voice controls. Want to browse the web, listen to music, check email, do basic math, or manage calendar events? All there.


The Tron-blue interface looks as agile as an in-car touchscreen setup, but the developers promise Google Play access (eh... we'll see). Out of the box, the Rufus Cuff is capable of alerting you if you've left your paired phone lying on a table somewhere, and with its 1000mAh battery and WiFi support, it can run on its own even after a partner device dies. It makes voice and video calls, can handle a splash of water (IPX7 certification), and tastes a little bit like KitKat.


The future is here, and it comes in any highlighter color of your choice. Or, for the more office-prone professionals among us, there's a brown band that's marginally more subdued. Either way, you'll have all the fashion sense of an early 80s middle schooler wearing their dream watch of the new millennium.

Rufus3 Rufus4

This is an Indiegogo project, and $229 is the lowest pledge you can make if you're interested in claiming your piece of sci-fi empowerment when these things start rolling out in September. The project needs $250,000 to make it happen, and there are 33 days left to go. If you want to make Leela proud, look for the link underneath the video below.

The Rufus Cuff - more than a smartwatch. A wrist communicator.