The Gmail app doesn't provide the option to mark notifications as read, and it drives many users up the wall. MarkAsRead entered the Play Store less than a week ago and, as the name suggests, tackled this issue head on. Now an update is available that adds the ability to mark a message as read and archive it at the same time, just as the developer promised.


The default Gmail app provides the option to either archive or delete. Now MarkAsRead lets you mark as read or mark as read and archive. With both apps installed, the full spectrum is covered. And that's not all. Check out the changelog below for the full list of changes.

What's new:

  • MarkAsRead AND Archive in one action!
  • Updated look
  • Changelog
  • New "Extended Notification" style for that better preserves gmail notification settings (Moto X, cross-platform sync, etc.)


  • Supports all labels
  • Notification & Lightflow support fixed with new "Extended Notifications". Regular Notification setting will also support Lightflow in Lightflow's upcoming update

MarkAsRead for Gmail (Beta)
MarkAsRead for Gmail (Beta)
Developer: Samay LLC
Price: $1.31