A few days ago we caught wind of the existence of Google Play gift cards in Austria. It was good news, though it came as a surprise as Austria's name was nowhere to be found on the list of countries Google sells gift cards in. Now it is, though oddly still listed as 'coming soon.' Nevertheless, Austria isn't the only country to make an appearance. Now we see that Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland have joined the list as well (with Spain also still listed as being on its way).


As the shot above shows, Italy's gift cards will come in increments of 15€, 25€, and 50€. Mexico's will go for $200, $300, and $600, while Switzerland's will be 30 CHF, 50 CHF, and 100 CHF. We can't tell you precisely when these cards will start lining store shelves, but their presence on this list usually means it could happen any day now.

Source: Google Play