OnePlus has been dolling out news about its upcoming CyanognMod-powered One phone (not to be confused with the other One making headlines today) at an incredibly slow and frustrating pace. But it looks like the drip feed may finally be stopping, or at the very least, it won't have much longer to run. An official OnePlus forum post has announced that "On April 23, the OnePlus One will be fully unveiled."


Given the company's frankly spammy method of teasing pre-release information, we half expected OnePlus to announce the month one week, the week, the next, and the day a week after that. It would certainly be in line with the way they've been announcing various hardware and software features lately, including a vague price, processor information, screen resolution, and voice activation features. Maybe the announcement will come in fifteen five-minute installments.

OnePlus hasn't set a location for the One reveal event, but given its size and youth, I wouldn't expect a PR blowout like we're used to seeing from the larger phone companies. It may be a web broadcast or a simple press release. Also note that this is the announcement of the announcement, and it will likely be a few weeks after April 23rd before the OnePlus One will be available for purchase. The company has already confirmed that the One will be sold unlocked and off-contract with a price of less than $500 USD.

Source: OnePlus forum