Today's the HTC One M8's big day, and new shots and videos of the handset keep pouring in. HTC has now shared three "First Look" clips to its YouTube account that primarily focus on the phone's camera. That so-called "Duo Camera" is the device's most peculiar feature, so it's worth taking a look at just what it does.

This first video is the most general of the bunch. It touches on the M8's metal unibody design, Motion Launch (answer the phone by lifting it to your ear), and a few camera editing features. Some examples include the ability to refocus a shot and the power to edit the foreground and background elements of an image separately.

The second one emphasizes the phone's physical cameras, explaining some of the depth information the twin shooters are able to capture. It then goes on to demonstrate even more editing options, such as the provided filters that animate the desired season using snow, leaves, or flowers.

This third video describes the M8's ultrapixels, explaining why consumers shouldn't let the lower megapixel scare them away (partly by never using the word megapixel).

There you have it, more moving pictures of the HTC One M8 in all it's glory.

Update: More videos: