Link Bubble is already a pretty great app, but developer Chris lacy is apparently not content to rest on his laurels. There is already a Play Store beta program you can join to get the latest tweaks and features. Just a few steps and you're in.

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For anyone not aware, Link Bubble is an app that loads web pages in the background and stacks them up in a floating bubble. You can maximize the bubble at any time to check out the web page, then close, minimize, or share them. There is already a v1.03 update in the works, and you can check it out if you join the beta group here, then opt into the test. Here's what it currently includes.

  • Add ability to select default system launcher.
  • Increase time period required before "Close all" functionality kicks in when hovering over the Close bubble.
  • Improve FAQ visibility.
  • Add new entires to FAQ.
  • Many misc. stability fixes

Link Bubble is making use of the new split changelogs, so you'll always know what changes to expect in the beta version. This applies in the web Play Store and the phone app. Keep in mind the free version of Link Bubble is limited to a single app and bubble at a time.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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