HTC might have been cool with a handful of M8 leaks to stir up interest, but this is probably not what the Taiwanese company had in mind. For a second time, the new HTC One has taken center stage in a video hands-on. This time it's 14 minutes long and entirely in German. We do not speak German.

This video really digs into the software experience and shows off that dual-camera. The post-capture focus alteration does look pretty impressive. There's also some sort of "extreme" power-saving mode, not unlike the Galaxy S5, but without the AMOLED-friendly black and white UI. We also get a better look at the overall interface in this video. It seems HTC is really embracing that transparent status bar, but maybe not in the way Google wanted. Parts of the new Sense have a bit of an iOS vibe with the color extending up into the status bar.

The new HTC One is set to debut on March 25th, but there won't be much in the way of surprises left. This YouTube video is probably going to be taken down at some point, although that seems like a futile gesture now.

[Thanks, Jonas]