If you think that Samsung's new Galaxy TabPRO and NotePRO tablets are hilariously overpriced, you're in good company. As of today, that company includes at least a few people at Amazon and Best Buy. The new 8.4-inch, 10-inch, and 12.2-inch tablets have been given price cuts from $30-50 dollars. They're still really expensive, just slightly less so.


The cost for the Galaxy NotePRO (or Note Pro) 12.2 has dropped by $50 across the board, making the final price for the 32GB models $699.99 and the 64GB version $799.99. (Amazon's prices are 99 cents lower than Best Buy's, in some cases.) The equally massive TabPRO (Tab Pro) 12.2 gets the same $50 discount, now costing $599.99 for the standard 32GB model.

The more standardized TabPRO 10.1 drops $50, now down to an almost reasonable $449.99 for the 16GB tablet. And the TabPRO 8.4, the only one of these tablets that has actually turned my head, is down to $369.99. That's a savings of $30.


There are a couple of outliers: The Verizon Wireless version of the NotePRO tablet is $850 at Best Buy and $900 at Amazon without a contract; the LTE model doesn't appear to be discounted. Also, the white version of the TabPRO 10.1 is $613.24 at Amazon, a hair above the black version, for some reason. Amazon also lists the original price for the black version of the TabPRO at $479.99 - that's an error, the retail price at launch was $399.99.

We're seeing similar discounts at other online retailers like Newegg and TigerDirect, so this looks like a wide price drop by Samsung itself. I would expect to see the prices across most retailers equalize over the next week or two.


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