Say what you will about smartwatches - and we do, at every occasion - but you'll never see a Rolex or Omega watch that improves with just an app update. The latest version of the companion app for Qualcomm's unique Toq does just that, with an emphasis on the watch's built-in activity tracking. Specifically, the 1.4 update allows you to set daily activity goals (a la Nike's Fuelband and other fitness trackers) and access a detailed history of your activity and workouts.

toq4 unnamed (6)

You can also see the text message history for the last five messages, a setting which was previously limited to ten, twenty, thirty, or forty. And for you folks who are concerned about fashion while wearing your smartwatch (poor devils), Qualcomm has added three new software watch faces, in addition to the extra thrown in last month for Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately we don't have a Toq handy for testing at the moment, so Toq owners, you'll just have to check and see the new faces (Prism, Degrees, Agenda) for yourself.

Update: We received a screenshot from a Toq user - check out the new watch faces above. The Agenda view looks particularly useful, since it has your next appointment and location embedded in the layout.

Update #2: A few more shots:

Screenshot_2014-03-22-22-14-44 Screenshot_2014-03-22-22-14-28

The Toq app is a free download, though you'll need to have at least Android 4.0.3 to run it. Remember, the smartwatch is currently $100 off its retail price, down to $250... but now that Google Wear and has been announced, potential buyers might want to wait a few months to weigh their options.