A few days ago, we posted a rumor we felt pretty confident in that would see "who" added to Google's "when" and "where" options for reminders. We now have another rumor, from a source familiar with the matter, which is also related to Google Now's ever-expanding functionality.

Disclaimer: No matter the confidence level, there's always a chance product updates, features, and some or all details will be changed or cancelled altogether. As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced.

We do not have possession of any APKs or unreleased devices, so please don't ask for them.

Confidence Level

This rumor, based on available information, gets a 9 out of 10. One point is deducted simply because pre-release features are never guaranteed to reach release.

The Rumor

This rumor, like our last, is pretty easy to grasp - Google Now will detect events in your other Google apps (Gmail and likely Hangouts), and then ask if you'd like those events added to your calendar with a card in the Now lineup.

From the information available to us, it seems that the interface for this will be very easy and transparent, giving users an explanation regarding where the inferred event came from, and options for manually editing the entry prior to calendar entry. So if your correspondence mentions a time and place, Google will pick that up but allow you to change the details before submitting.

The Evidence

As stated last time, there are certain instances where we will not be able to provide source images for unreleased software. In these cases we will always mock up the interface based on available information to convey that info to you as best we can. The mockups below are our own.

want2 want

There are also a few strings to support this rumor in the Search 3.3 APK.

<string name="inferred_event_question">Want this event in your calendar?</string>

    <string name="add_to_calendar">Add to Calendar</string>

    <string name="create_in_calendar">Create in Calendar</string>

    <string name="ignore_event">Ignore Event</string>

    <string name="edit_time_in_calendar">Edit time in Calendar</string>

    <string name="edit_location_in_calendar">Edit location in Calendar</string>

    <string name="inferred_event_created">Event created</string>

The APK also contains a layout for the inferred event card, and an adapter for entering said events into the calendar.

Final Thoughts

Gmail on the web has had similar functionality to this for a while now - if a date (or even day of the week) is mentioned in an email, it will become a link allowing the user to add it to his or her calendar. What we don't know about this rumor is what else it will detect events from. Theoretically it could detect from any SMS app, Hangouts, and Gmail, but beyond that it's less clear. Of course for those of us who love using Now, more apps would always be better, but only if the feature is smart about what it picks up. We wouldn't want a new event card each time we mentioned the word "Saturday" in a message.