Is there someone on Twitter you really like? Why not add them to your favorites then? There's a new feed in the Twitter beta, which appeared in the alpha just a few days ago. Just to the right of the main timeline is a new column with just the tweets from your faves.

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The ability to filter accounts is not new, but the dedicated Fave People feed is. This is essentially a more straightforward version of lists. You just mark people as favorites, and they show up in the Fave People timeline. Though, it's odd they're calling it Fave People. What if you have some favorite companies or organizations?

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Having the new feed right next to the main timeline gives Fave People a prominent position – Twitter really wants you to use it. Judging by how fast this moved from the alpha to beta channel, it could be in the stable release before you know it. You might want to start thinking about who your favorite people are now.

Note: You must be in the beta or alpha release to see the new feed.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free