The Asus Transformer Pad TF701T launched with Android 4.2, with an update to 4.3 coming less than a month later. Unsurprisingly, an update to KitKat hasn't arrived nearly as quickly. This could be disheartening, but as seasoned Android users have come to expect, a ROM speeding things along is usually on its way. CyanogenMod 11 is now available for the TF701T, proving users with a way to experience Android 4.4 on what is a pretty compelling device.


CyanogenMod 11 brings KitKat, but this is a nightly, so tread carefully. Any number of things could go wrong. Some things may need time to mature, and any wrong click could lead to a poor kitten's death.

Or everything could work just fine. That happens too, sometimes. The risk is yours.

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