Sony's released another Xperia-exclusive app into the Play Store, and while this piece of software does extend what your phone's camera is capable of, it isn't quite the Zperia Z1's Timeshift Burst feature that the company posted to Google Play a few months back. This one's just for laughs. Voice Balloon Photo is a dedicated camera app, but rather than improving the quality of your shots, it adds character by capturing the voices around you and turning them into speech bubbles in real-time.


I can think of a few choice words coming from this man that the app didn't pick up on.

If voice recognition doesn't quite work, you have the option to input text manually and re-arrange the bubbles however you wish.

How to use Voice Balloon Photos
1. Start Camera and select Voice Balloon Photos.
2. Let the device recognize voices around you. Once voices are recognized, speech balloon will appear.
3. Tap the camera key to take photos with displayed speech balloons at your desired timing.
4. Once a photo is taken, you can move the speech balloons or change the theme. Tap on a speech balloon to remove it or edit its text.
5. Tap the save button.


Nope, I don't think oops is the correct four-letter word. Try again

Enjoy your exclusive, Sony device owners. This one's just for you.

Update: Judging from comments, apparently a good number of Sony devices are unable to install this app. We're still waiting to see precisely which ones (or one) can .

The app was not found in the store. :-(