Google's messaging situation has been a mess. When Hangouts first appeared, it replaced Google+ Messenger and Google Talk, bringing the company's list of similarly-named Android apps from four down to three. Once Hangouts gained SMS support and replaced Messenger, that dropped the number down to two. Voice is all that remains, and if a report by 9to5 Google is to be believed, we only have a handful of months to wait for it to kick the bucket, with a possible Google I/O announcement seeming increasingly likely.


It's no secret that Google is working on integrating the two services, and this information lines up with Google's intent to shut down all third-party Voice apps in May of this year.

The updated Hangouts app will reportedly be able to make VoIP-to-phone calls on both Android and iOS, a change that could draw ire from carriers who may not smile upon such competition from an app that comes pre-installed on millions of devices. Only time will tell what limitations Hangouts may eventually launch with.

Keep your fingers crossed. Google I/O will take place June 25-26. Hopefully by then Google will have its communication apps situation better under control.

Source: 9to5 Google