Update: at least one German gadget site has more evidence of an eminent Chromecast release, including retailers Amazon and Media Mart.

Our European readers have been waiting to get their hands on the Chromecast ever since Google announced its diminutive streaming gadget, and at least some of them will be able to soon - the UK is getting it on Wednesday. But what about the rest of the continent? A wider release might not be far away: one Twitter user spotted a bin full of Chromecasts at a Saturn electronics store in Germany, going for 39.99 Euro each.

The tweet reads "Just sent," according to Google Translate, and places it at a Saturn store in the city of Neu-Isenburg.

Let's back up for a second: just because one retailer is selling the Chromecast doesn't mean a wider rollout is at hand - there's no telling where they got the devices - but it is a pretty good indication. Note the promotional inserts in German, which look like official Google point-of-sale material. We can also hope that the price is marked up a bit, since 40 Euro would be a significant price hike compared to the $35 USD price in the States.

It certainly looks like Google is trying to bolster its media presence in Europe, with wider support for Google Play Movies and Play Music announced just yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed for a wide EU rollout, streaming fans.

Source: Reddit - thanks, Andrew Jones-McGuire!