Since what seems like forever, SwiftKey has been able to use SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and Yahoo to "learn" your typing style and better predict your next words. All of these options work well, and now the SK team has added a couple more choices in the latest beta: Evernote and Google+.

Evernote personalization was added "in response to the great feedback" for SwiftKey Note on iOS, the team's first offering to iOS users; Google+ personalization was added because, well, people like to use G+, basically. Here's a look at the other changes found in the latest:

Changelog for the update:

  • Added personalization from Evernote
  • Added personalization from Google+ public posts
  • Improved UI for emoji
  • Improved emoji pane-switching performance
  • New Themes selection menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed mentioning people in Google+ posts
  • Quick period after emoji now works
  • Flow experience improved on layouts with main letters on secondary characters
  • Switched email @ button back from to
  • Fixed problem with unsupported emoji being predicted (see a square in the prediction bar)
  • Fixed problem with smartspace inserting spaces between words and punctuation
  • Fixed several force closes and crashes

If you're a SwiftKey users and like to live on the edge, you can grab the latest beta download right here.