No, you're not alone – Google Hangouts has crashed and burned this morning. Reports are popping up all over the web, and none of us are able to connect on the desktop or web. There's no word from Google yet, but there are probably engineers running frantically around a data center somewhere in California right now.

Update: Google has updated its product status dashboard to confirm a Hangouts service disruption. 9:49am PDT

Update 2: Google Voice is also down for us, but Google hasn't mentioned it yet. Chrome Remote Desktop is also busted. 10:09am PDT

Update 3: Google Voice is back. 10:38am PDT

Update 4: Google says Sheets was down briefly, but is back now. Hangouts is still broken and we can expect an update by 1:15pm PDT. Hang tight. 10:49am PDT

Update 5: Hangouts is back for some. 12:06pm PDT

Update 6: Our long national nightmare is over – Google has restored Hangouts. The status page has been updated to reflect the fix. Please go about your lives. 2:05pm PDT

2014-03-17 16.37.18

We're seeing sign-in errors on the desktop, and the Android app reports everyone is offline. Unlike some other recent outages, this one seems to be nearly total. Google has been building Hangouts up in recent years, so this is a bigger deal than it might have been a while back. Still, Google has an unreal level of uptime, which just makes these outages that much more noticeable.

2014-03-17 11_45_06-Google Hangouts down_ Current status and problems _ Down Detector


We'll keep an eye on it and let you know what happens.

[Down Detector – Thanks, Aooga]