Good news, everyone! Well, everyone in four very specific European countries, anyway. After stretching the Movies section of the Play Store today, Google is also spreading Play Music to Greece, Norway, Slovakia, and Sweden. Users in these countries should now be able to purchase songs and albums starting today.

music_sweden1 music_sweden2

Even better, all four new territories can access the all-you-can-eat All Access music subscription service. That's generally been the way it works - currently all twenty-five countries supported by Google Play Music also have access to All Access. New users, please keep in mind: you almost certainly won't be able to access exactly the same selection of music that's available in the United States, or even in the country next door. The complex nature of international rights contracts mean that some songs that are available in one country won't be available in another, and vice versa.


The usual 30-day trial is applicable in all four new countries. In Sweden and Norway the regular price is 79 kroner a month afterwards. It's 7.99 Euro in Greece and, strangely, just 4.49 Euro in Slovakia. The reason for the discount isn't spelled out - perhaps the selection in Slovakia is somewhat lacking. In any case, head on over to the Play Store to check out your new options.

Google Play Music via Google Play Support