While it's probably safe to assume the bulk of our readers are after the highest-end handset out when upgrade time comes, there's undoubtedly also those who need to stay on a budget. LG's Lucid was a handset that I feel like helped spark a new era for the budget market: affordable phones that don't completely suck. Verizon must've felt the same way, because the Lucid saw a sequel with last year's aptly-name Lucid 2.

Now famed leaker @evleaks has graced our screens with what appears to be the third iteration of the Lucid line. The handset doesn't actually look half bad on the outside, but it's still too early to say what kind of performance and/or price point to expect from the assumedly-budget handset, as spec details aren't yet available. Either way, if you're interested in replacing the first-gen Lucid with a similar handset, this may be one to watch for in the near future.