Come on everybody, give a big round of applause to the guys behind JuiceSSH for hitting 500k installs! To celebrate the accomplishment, they're giving away free upgrades to the Pro pack for anybody that signs up before March 18th. There's no expiration date and all you have to do is enter the Google account you want to have registered.

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In case you're not familiar with JuiceSSH, it's a terminal (command line) client capable of opening secure connections to remote computers. SSH (Secure Shell) is often used for managing servers, making it an invaluable tool to system administrators, programmers, the occasional hacker, and anybody else in the IT crowd. The free version of JuiceSSH is already one of the best clients to be found with tons of features and support for different protocols, but the Pro pack adds on extra security features, themes, widgets, and much more.

This is the second time Tom and Paul Maddox, the developers of JuiceSSH, have given away free upgrades. The first was about 9 months ago, when the app had hit 100k installs.


To claim the free Pro pack, just load up the promotion page, fill in the email address of your Google account, and click Get License. You should receive an email within a few hours containing instructions on how to set up the app. Basically, you just need to tap on Unlock Pro Features -> I've already purchased -> pick the account you've registered with, then finish the sign-in. It takes less than a minute.

Free upgrades are available until March 18th at 11:00 GMT, which is 4 AM Pacific. Of course, there's no point in waiting, go get it done!

We've just hit 500k users and are giving away our pro pack for free over the weekend. (Worth £6.98)

All the details here:

JuiceSSH is developed by myself and my brother, Paul. We were fed up with the out of date ConnectBot and decided to make something that we actually want to use during our day jobs. We wanted to make the best free SSH client for Android and we believe that without the upgrade, we've achieved that.
Our pro pack then extends that to add useful functionality like CloudSync which provides backups and syncing, backed with AES-256bit encryption, comparable to that hyped by

We're not shy and would jump at any opportunity to share our little app with like minded people that may find it of use.

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Source: Promotion, Google+

JuiceSSH - SSH Client
JuiceSSH - SSH Client
Developer: Sonelli Ltd
Price: Free+