It's a shame that most American news outlets simply don't match our high journalistic standards (or conscious lack thereof), so the impetus is on readers and viewers to seek out multiple sources of information. This is easy to do with RSS readers and other news aggregators, but there's a certain immersive experience that only a dedicated app can provide. Al Jazeera America has just added one more such app into the Play Store.

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Al Jazeera bought CurrentTV and launched a new American network last year, one that presents the news in a different tone than many cable viewers have grown accustomed to. Considering the broader Al Jazeera network is based in Qater, it should come as little surprise that the channel offers more in-depth world coverage and a different perspective than most of its contemporaries.

The app differentiates itself with careful attention to design. Users swipe between stories similarly to Flipboard but scroll text the traditional way after selecting one to read. There is also the ability to swipe from the right of any article to view a very brief "Behind the Story" summary. The app hides the notification bar, but it the leaves virtual navigation keys intact on devices that rely on them. It offers a hands-free audio mode, supports breaking news alerts, lists the channel's show schedule, and seems to be free of ads.

All in all, this is a far more stylish offering that the broader Al Jazeera app launched for tablets last year, and you can check it out for yourself below.

Al Jazeera America News
Al Jazeera America News