Huawei likes Windows Phone. However, it thinks the mobile OS would taste better when served alongside Android. That's why, despite expressing commitment to Microsoft's platform, the company reportedly plans to bring a dual-booting Android/Windows Phone handset to the US sometime this spring.

Here's Huawei Chief Marketing Officer Shao Yang, speaking with TrustedReviews:

“With Windows Phone, one direction for us – and one that we are now following – is dual OS. Dual OS as in Android and Windows together.”

He goes on to say:

“We think the dual OS can be a new choice for the consumer. It will be on sale in the US in Q2.”

This isn't the first Android/Windows Phone hybrid we've caught wind of. Microsoft has approached multiple manufacturers, including HTC, with an offer to drop the Windows Phone license fee if they ship it as an option on Android devices. That makes this a relatively low stakes endeavor. Still, if this is about consumers, and not about Microsoft, what's the point? In the published portion of the interview, Yang doesn't make this clear.

Huawei may not be the most well-known brand on these shores, but if dual-booting is something you have your heart set on, you shouldn't have too long to wait.

Source: TrustedReviews via The Verge