One more app that took part in Update Wednesday yesterday is the official Chromecast app, which helps users set up their new Chromecasts to work with their phone or tablet. The app got bumped from 1.3.10 to 1.5.3 and while Google has published its own short change log, we of course couldn't resist doing a quick teardown to see if there were any other goodies. First though, here's what Google says is new.

What's New
- App available in over 50 languages.
- Improved support for Samsung devices.
- Additional Chromecast settings and bug fixes.

There are some more interesting tidbits hiding inside the APK, though. First up is TV offers. It's unclear right now how the offers will function (assuming they make it into the app at all), but the strings suggest that users will be able to check for offers themselves or show available offers.

<string name="toast_offers_tv">Check your TV for offers</string>
<string name="menu_offers">Show offers</string>

Additionally, there are separate strings for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi. Chromecast doesn't seem to support 5GHz yet, but perhaps it will soon.

<string name="wifi_24ghz">2.4 GHz</string>
<string name="wifi_5ghz">5 GHz</string>

There's also a new string for Chromecast's time format, and "Help" and "Feedback" options have relocated to the slide-out navigation bar, fitting with a recent UI trend in Google's apps.


If you haven't grabbed the update already, hit the widget below.

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